Large Cashew Brittle

With the combination of premium salty cashews and sweet buttery brittle, this delicious, melt in your mouth treat is perfect for family get togethers, holidays and parties! Made only in small batches with no preservatives added This nut brittle makes the perfect gift

Double Cashew Brittle

Customer Reviews:

~The perfect sweet and salty snack.
Tyler M.

~I love all of CandyShanes treats that I've tried. My only complaint is that Julie's tooth friendly brittle is so delicious and never hurts my teeth I don't stop at just 1 or 2 pieces! There in lies my dilemma.

~I was given these candies as a gift by one of my friend for 2009 christmas, I loved them like anything. The strawberry candy made by Julie was so delicious and unforgettable. The brittle's (Cashew and Peanut) were simply superb. They are mouth watering. Infact they reminded me of the peanut brittle (Famous candy in south India) that we have in India. The only candies that I used to eat while i'm in Grand Rapids are the brittle's made by Julie. I strongly recommend these as a gift and they will love you for that. Can't wait till I go back to Grand Rapids and get me some.