Julie Shane - Owner

Ever since eighth grade, Julie Shane has loved spending time in the kitchen experimenting with different recipes. She took an after school cooking class to learn the basics. As she grew, so did her sweet tooth. Julie has always had a weakness for candy, thus focusing on creating recipes that have withstood the test of time.

Julieís candy making started as a hobby 35 years ago. She began by making sweets for family and friends. At Christmas time, people do not ask for store bought presents, but they are not shy about telling her that her ďhomemade goodie traysĒ are expected!

Our Mission Statement

CandyShanes is an old fashioned candy making company that produces quality candies that are enjoyed by the young and old alike. Our customers are best served by our willingness to fill their personal or gift giving needs and by offering them quality and reliability, during the process of producing the finalized product.

CandyShanes is in the early development stages of creating a special line of sugar free candies for our customers with special dietary requirements.

Attention to product knowledge and customer service ensures that our customers are satisfied. It is our mission to make your life and the lives of those you love, a little sweeter, one piece of candy a time.

Old Fashioned Traditions

In this fast paced modern day world, itís nice to know that some things remain the same. If you loved candy as a kid (and chances are you still do), CandyShanes is an experience you donít want to miss. Itís an old fashioned specialty shop for kids and grownups alike set apart by their fresh quality ingredients, passion for specialty candy making, and attention to details.